High tides in Andernos

Want to take advantage of the high tides in Andernos? Here we go, follow the guide!


We promise, we are not going to launch into a long tirade explaining to you that the full or new moon, by attraction effect, has an influence on the tides; that this phenomenon is a story of the alignment of the planets and that it is therefore the force of gravity that creates the tides, classified by coefficients. And if the number is over 100, it’s a big tide! Ah damn, too late … We did it anyway. Well, at least now you know a little more about the phenomenon. Now, let’s take a look at our tips to make the most of it.

Today is D-Day. The tidal coefficient is 107, you just checked it on the website of the tourist office https://andernos-tourisme.fr/en/tide-of-the-day/ (have you seen how professional we are?), you are ready to take advantage of this heavenly event (are we doing too much?).

Hop, hop, hop, not so fast! Here is a list of ESSENTIAL tips to enjoy it without putting yourself in danger.

High tides okay, but safety first !

Okay … we may have adapted a Road Safety slogan a bit, but it’s serious! At high tide or low tide, the basin can sometimes surprise you, so it is better to make sure you have anticipated everything.

1. Always plan to dress appropriately: leave your flip-flops in the car and wear closed shoes (yes shells cut it!) That you will find in any good specialist store, even in summer!

2. Watch the tide (the height? The power?): The phenomenon of high tides accelerates the descent of the water, and, by the opposite effect, also the rise! Be careful.

3. Anticipate the weather: we know them from the weather service, they tell us a great sun all week and when we arrive on the beach, it starts to rain … hydrate yourself, a hat to protect you from the sun, a raincoat in case of showers, … in short you get it).


Are we exaggerating? Yes, maybe a little

4. Take care! Walking on the sand just exposed by the tide just for us is magic. Except that you can quickly lose track of time and distance. Be careful not to overestimate yourself… you will have to remember to reach the shore in time!

5. Find out about the fishing rules: As everywhere, shore fishing is supervised in the Arcachon basin. Use a mesh ruler to make sure you don’t pick up undersized seashells. It is also forbidden, locally, to fish for oysters. More info on the site http://www.beta-papl.com/je-suis-pecheur/reglementation/la-reglementation-nationale/

Our favorite spots to enjoy high tides

At the tourist office, there is a debate between the low tide team and the high tide team … As a result, each has its good addresses to take advantage of the large coefficients.


Low tide team

For lovers of strolls on the sand or fishing on foot, here are our favorite sites:

  1. The Quinconces
  2. Along the pier

High tide team

To see the water (very) closely, we recommend:

  1. Le Mauret near the municipal swimming pool, safe behind the dike
  2. The Quinconces


With all this information, you are all set to take advantage of the next important coefficients. And if you post photos on your Instagram or Facebook accounts, don’t forget to tag us ;) #andernostourisme.