We tested for you “The skate park with Feelethik”

On this sunny Wednesday in January, an appointment is made with the Feelethik association! In the program ? Discovery of skateboarding on the ramps of Andernos. Are you ready ? On your wheels, it's going to ride*... *For the most novices, of which we were part not so long ago, a small glossary has slipped into the end of the article;)

Alright, let’s clear up an essential point! No, we didn’t get on a skateboard… Our dexterity being legendary, we preferred to ask questions and above all take pictures of the group of apprentice riders who practice on the various ramps of the skate park.

The skatepark is accessible to everyone, young and old, by scooter, rollerblade, skateboard or any other means of transport suitable for such practice (Don’t count on us for a demonstration…).

It is also coupled with a freshly redone BMX track, so all riders will find what they are looking for.

If, like us, when we talk to you about tail, ollie or even noseslide, you don’t understand anything, rest assured, neither do we! Except that in the meantime, experts have been asked. Because yes, you can learn to skate. On Andernos, the Feelethik association teaches (among other activities) the riders of tomorrow the right postures and techniques to practice in complete safety.



For more information on the courses, you can contact the Feelethik association directly, which will be happy to answer all your questions. In particular, it offers year-round courses, courses during the holidays, skate camps, day trips, sporting and cultural events, for all ages.

You still have time, but if you like sliding sports, we advise you to block your April 10th! The association organizes the Feel the Ride event in Andernos, and we really advise you to go there…


And for even more riding, see you in October for a new edition of Urban Session.

Skateboarding glossary:

tail: the back part of the skate

ollie: skate figure with a “simple” goal: jump with his board

noseslide: figure which consists of sliding on a rail or a curb with the nose of your board

curb: module of skatepark or solid street furniture on the edge of which the skateboarder is likely to slide his board

nose: front end